Finn 302 Bark blower

BB302 Bark Blowers – 1.5 cubic yard hopper capacity

The BB302 Bark Blower has proven to be the most popular Bark & Mulch Blower for the small to midsize landscape company needing durability and performance on every job site. The BB302 applies landscape mulch and other bulk materials with unprecedented efficiency and eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand application. This unit significantly reduces worker fatigue, wasted materials, and unnecessary time on the job site by replacing them with a productive and performance-enhancing alternative.


  • 1.5 cubic yard hopper capacity delivering more than 10 cubic yard of mulch per hour
  • Tier 4Final Yanmar 3TNV88C-DYEM, 35.1hp, 3 cylinder water cooled diesel engine
  • Reduces material cost from 20% to 40% by breaking up material clumps and producing an even mulch spreading pattern, with fine particles on top
  • Mulch is propelled through a specially engineered airlock and blower system through various lengths of durable 4” flexible hose for application up to 200’ away from unit
  • Remote controls allow operator to control power and material flow from an operating distance
  • Standard 150’ hose comes with the unit, optional 50’ sections available
  • Standard rear mounted hose reel
  • Blower, airlock and hydraulic functions are exclusive to FINN design

The BB302 Bark Blower is perfect for the small mulching projects such as residential and commercial mulch beds, slopes, public gardens, playgrounds, amusement parks, mall interiorscapes, and other applications that require precise placement of bulk materials. Perfect for the hard to reach areas.

With the versatile BB302 you can do professional quality mulching, slopes, erosion control, overseeding, soil blends, compost, and a number of other profitable applications. Mulch can be applied on virtually any terrain, even in wet conditions.

As the world leader for over 80 years in the design and manufacture of innovative, quality equipment for the green industry, FINN is committed to your complete satisfaction.


POWER: Yanmar 3TNV88C-DYEM, 35.1hp (26.2kw),
3 cylinder water cooled diesel engine. Tier 4Final. 1.642L
ENGINE SAFETY SYSTEM: Low oil pressure, electronic engine control and monitoring
CAPACITY: 1.5 cubic yd (1.2m3)
FUEL TANK CAPACITY: 11 gallon (41.6 liter)
BLOWER: 500 cfm @ 10 psi (14 cmm @ 69 kPa)
EMPTY WEIGHT*: 4,700 lbs. (2,132 kg)
WORKING WEIGHT*: 5,825 lbs. (2,642 kg)
GVWR: 6,000 lbs. (2,722 kg)
*Working weights are approximate and do not include options or stored materials. Based on material at 750 lbs/cu. yd.

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