Finn Bark Blowers & Topdressing Compost

Agresource Inc. is a New England based company dedicated to finding beneficial use for organic residuals. This means diverting materials such as leaf and yard waste, biosolids, food waste and processing residuals away from landfills and turning them into compost, to be used for direct land application or creating energy by anaerobic digestion. Taking these useful materials out of landfills and applying them in situations that benefit landscape has been a rewarding venture.

The largest uptick in compost use over the past ten years has been using finely screened material as a topdressing for lawn areas. This not only can reduce the amount of synthetic fertilizer by adding slow release, organic form nutrients, it also increases soil water holding capacity, increases soil cation exchange capacity (CEC, the ability for soil to hold nutrients and reduce leaching) and decreases soil bulk density.

Agresource provides several different compost materials that are used in topdressing and is easily applied using a Finn Bark Blower. The most popular compost is a biosolid compost which has a low bulk density and screened to 3/8” and ¼”. This material has a uniform physical composition and low moisture content allowing it to flow through any of the Finn Bark Blower models smoothly. Leaf compost typically has a higher bulk density and moisture content and will typically require a Finn Bark Blower model BB5 or 12 series.

It is important to know the source of your compost. Distributors should be able to provide up to date test data on the materials they offer. When blowing compost for topdressing applications the screen size, bulk density, moisture content and feedstocks of the material are a must to know. Keep your Finn Bark Blower running spring AND fall by blowing both bark mulch in the beds and compost for topdressing lawns.

For more information about compost contact Agresource