Finn BB5T Loading Tray

Here in New England and New York, the Finn BB302 Bark Blower is a very popular way to spread bark mulch. A couple of reasons it is the most popular Bark Blower we offer is the relatively low price point when compared to other blowers, and the fact that you can replenish the bark in the hopper by shoveling into a feed chute from the back of a truck. Finn has now adopted that same system for loading the larger BB5T Bark Blower; bark is shoveled from the back of a truck into the feed chute where it makes contact with the floor and is carried to the airlock for discharge into the plant beds. The system is designed to augment a full hopper as bark is being discharged.

When this system was introduced to us last fall we tried to envision questions from our customers and the one that we felt would be primary in our customers’ minds would be “What is the maximum rate the machine can be fed by shoveling into the chute with no bark in the hopper?” By testing the machine here in our yard with the floor set at its highest speed we determined that maximum feed rate to be 12 cy/ hour. Considering the generally accepted rate of bark mulch being blown in to mulch beds is 8 cy / hour the chute productivity seems to be adequate for most mulching situations.

If you have been is search of a bark blower with more capacity than the BB302 with also more power capable of blowing heavier materials longer distances, now might be the time to consider the Finn BB5T.