Hydroseeding Season Is Almost Here ~Avoid Spreading Invasive Weeds


Hydrilla photo courtesy of ME DEP

I received a call from Jim Listowich from Norpine Landscaping in Kingfield Maine the other day asking if I could help him spread concerns about movement of invasive weeds from one waterbody to another. Invasive aquatic weeds can severely alter the ecosystem in your favorite areas if left unchecked and allowed to spread. If you draw water from various places in New England or New York you will encounter these plants.
New England and New York have many pristine water bodies that are threatened by these species.


Milfoil photo courtesy of “Lake Stewards of Maine”

Did you know that a small piece of milfoil left on a suction strainer or hose clamp can survive days out of water? It then can reestablish in a new waterbody when submerged. Please look for plant particles, and pieces on your suction hoses when drawing water for hydroseeding, irrigating, dust control, etc.

frog's bit

Frog’s Bit photo courtesy of “Lake Stewards of Maine”

Please help spread the word – not the weeds! Share this information with coworkers, work crew members, competitors, as well as waterfront property owners and boating
enthusiasts. Tell anyone that will listen.

Avoid drawing water from a contaminated water body. This is the most important step you can take!
A small fragment with roots or leaves can easily survive and regenerate once immersed.

Always check your equipment for plant particles, removing any immediately after exposure.

Have a great construction season.