Leadership, Honesty & Integrity

At the most recent Finn Dealer Meeting our President, Russ Collier, was presented with a Finn Lifetime Achievement Award, the first award of its kind presented by Finn. The team at hydrograsscorp.com is very proud to call him our President.

Leadership…. Russ has a long history in the hydroseeding, landscaping and erosion control fields. Prior to assuming his role with hydrograsscorp.com he worked for and subsequently managed a large and well respected hydroseeding firm for 30 years. This leadership experience helped him nurture and lead a team (that once consisted of only he and the owner visiting customers around New England) of hardworking employees that have helped to grow hydrograsscorp.com from selling 10 units a year to over 100 units per year. Year after year growth in sales, parts and service has allowed hydrograsscorp.com to be the FINN Dealer Of The Year a total of five times, most recently in 2015 and 2016.

Honesty & Integrity… The number one message, I, as Sales Manager like to convey to our customers and employees alike is that hydrograsscorp.com will always work hard to do the right thing. I once overheard Russ convince a customer that a smaller machine would better suit him than the larger machine the customer thought he needed. I’ve overheard him convince a customer that he is using too much grass seed (we sell grass seed). I and other long time employees here at hydrograsscorp.com have built our employee/employer relationship on not much more than what I call “The Word of Russ”- no handshake needed.

It is said that the true measure of good leadership is determined by that leader’s honesty, integrity and the respect they give to others. Congratulations on your award Russ, you deserve it.

~Chris Bacon, Sales Manager, Team hydrograsscorp.com