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Customer Feedback


Owns Finn models BB302, T-75T

Mandrona Brothers Landscaping are a full service landscaping contractor. They offer an array of services which include hydroseeding and bark mulch installation. Marcel and Vincent (owners) realized a potential for acquiring more mulch installation work if they could only work faster. With a large workforce already in place they decided that maybe a Finn Bark Blower could help them grow their business. In a recent conversation with Marcel and Vincent they said,
"Since we’ve owned the Bark Blower we work much faster, not to mention we use much less material. The bark blower has been a great machine. Its ease of operation and the quality of the completed work has eliminated the need for an experienced rake operator"

When asked about their Finn Hydroseeder they said, "The Finn Hydroseeder has allowed us to expand our services. Hydroseeding offers better results vs. conventional seeding for our customers which means less call backs. We have also learned that hydroseeding is much better than sod due to sods lack of drought tolerance."

Owns Finn models BB816, BB1222, BB302

"At the season end I send my equipment to Hydrograss Corporation for service. I have been doing this for the past 7 years, every year, to ensure productivity and life of the equipment."

Owns Finn model BB908, T-75T

"I am always confident in knowing that Hydrograss Corporation services my Finn equipment. It gives me great relief to know that my equipment will operate smoothly during the time I need it most. There was one year I didn’t send my equipment to Hydrograss for service and it cost me more in down time during my busy season than it would’ve to have had Hydrograss service it. I will never again miss another year. The spring season is short and my equipment has to run; Hydrograss, together with equipment durability, has helped me be successful during this time."