The last of the Pre-Tier IV engines

pre-TierIV engines

The last of the Pre-Tier IV engines long used to power the large Finn Bark Blowers will be sold this year. All new build bark blowers for the North American market have to be fitted with Tier IV engines due to new legislation from their EPA, meaning an end to the John Deere 4045, Tier 3 motor that has provided excellent performance and durability in Finn machines since 1997. This change must take affect by 1/1/19. This is not to say there will be Pre-Tier IV engines available until the end of 2018. As we are now half way through the first 6 months of 2018, Finn has assured the dealer group that there are a very limited number of them left on the shelf.

How is the Tier IV engine going to differ from the Pre-Tier IV?

What will the difference in price point be? Are there any additional changes being made to the equipment during this change over?

The new Tier IV engines will look significantly different than the ones they replace. They will employ technology that allows for a 90% reduction in harmful pollutants and particulates into our environment. Owners of Finn equipment that employ these engines will realize a reduction in fuel usage. Instead of sending out diesel fuel as particulate matter it will be burned therefore resulting and better fuel efficiency. Although not yet privileged to what additional changes will accompany these new machines we expect that with the new engine will come some design changes to the Finn equipment lines. Looking ahead we anticipate a substantial price increase (could be as much as 20%) across the board on large line equipment.

Our Recommendation

If you anticipate adding a truck mount bark blower to your fleet in the near future, and you are satisfied with the equipment performance, price point and design as it is today, then you should reach out to us soon. The last of the Pre-Tier IV engines WILL be gone before the end of the year.