Tier 4F Engines…..What You Should Know:

Landscape and construction equipment manufacturers have been progressing toward the deadlines for Final Tier 4 diesel engine emissions requirements for off-highway vehicles set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), even as some of their compact equipment products that meet Interim Tier 4 are just beginning to reach the market. Most lower horsepower diesel engines (under 75 HP) have already met their deadline while many higher horsepower engines must be compliant in the coming months.

What is Tier 4 emissions standards? Tier 4 emissions standards are a part of the Clean Air Act, a federal law to reduce air pollution. To meet Tier 4 standards in the law, engine manufacturers are adding clean diesel technology designed to reduce emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. The standards have been introduced in stages, depending on horsepower range. With each stage, the emissions restrictions grow progressively tighter, culminating in Final Tier 4, which will produce almost no particulate matter or nitrogen oxides emissions.

How will Tier 4 emissions standards affect Finn equipment? Currently the Finn Hydroseeders T-90 and T-120, Bark Blower model BB-302 and Straw Blower model B70 are compliant and are now powered by a Yanmar 35.1 HP engine. The Finn Hydroseeder T-170 and Bark Blower model BB-5 are also compliant and are powered by the Cummins QSF 65 HP engine. In the coming months all large tank hydroseeders, truck mounted bark blowers and the B260 Straw Blower will be converted into Final Tier 4 compliant units. In addition to the standard yearly price increase we expect a very significant price change in these units when this happens (speculated to be $20-$30,000.00) without any major increase in performance.

What does this mean to you? It means that if you have the ability to look forward far enough and forecast your company’s growth, and that growth is going to require a larger, newer or replacement Finn machine, it makes a lot of sense to purchase before the price increase takes effect. Finn will have a limited number of pre-Tier 4 engines to work with before the final change over to Final Tier 4. We recommend reaching out to us before Finn’s available inventory of Tier 3 engines is no longer available.