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Bark Blowers

Finn barkblower in use

FINN Bark Blowers

FINN Model BB1222

FINN Model BB1222

The FINN BB1222 applies landscape mulch and other bulk materials with unprecedented efficiency, and eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand application. The BB1222, with 21.8 cubic yard capacity, provides high efficiency mulch application capabilities for landscape maintenance companies and mulch suppliers.

Finn Model BB1208

Finn Model BB1208 and 1216

Models BB1208 and BB1216 were added to the Bark Blower family in 2003. These units were designed specifically to do a couple of things: convey the heaviest of materials (loam, stone etc.) and to convey large volumes of lighter materials (bark mulch, compost, playground chips) to large areas very quickly.

finn bark blower 5 series

FINN BB 5 Series

This new model is 
designed with ease of use and reliable performance in mind for landscape and
erosion control contractors. With its simplified control package and
streamlined engineering design, the BB 5-Series will be a dependable
workhorse for the application of mulches, soil blends and compost and has
the added benefit of being straightforward to use and maintain.

finn barkblower 302

FINN Model BB302

The Finn model BB302 has been the most popular unit among Hydrograss customers here in New England. With over 150 machines working in the field, this machine has proven it’s durability and performance, time and time again. Model BB302 can easily apply 12-15 cubic yards of material per hour through the included 150 ft. of 4" flexible discharge hose that is conveniently stored on the included hose reel.

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Increase Profits Through Multiple Applications

Your FINN Bark Blower will keep you busy earning profits with numerous applications, including:

  • Soil / Compost
  • Lawn and Sports Field Overseeding
  • Interiorscape Material Application
  • Erosion Control
  • Aggregate Installation


What they’re saying about FINN Bark Blowers…

"Our first machine saved us 700 hours in labor during the first week we owned it. We put guys to work in other areas to help us grow. Now we are making money on every mulch job we do. If we had not bought our FINN Bark Blower, we would not be as big or as profitable of a company as we are."
-Jim K. Cambridge Landscapes

FINN Bark Blower Features and Benefits

Rotary Airlock

Our exclusive Rotary Airlock conveys a wide variety of bulk materials and particle sizes.

Radio Remote Control

Control feed and discharge rates while spreading, with control panel or radio control.

Dust Suppression

Control dust with the adjustable rate liquid injection system.

Air Pump

High volume, efficient air pump carries material smoothly through hose lengths of 300’ or more.

Electric Tarp

At the flip of a switch, the tarp retracts for loading, and extends for covered transport.

Optional Seed Injector

The optional seed injection system allows for easy blending of seed into compost and soil blends.

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